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Data Driven Disruptors  

Sources for automotive year make model data


Our team at Disrupt Marketing Group has a deep understanding of geo/demographic data, automotive year make model data, BK data, and proprietary credit file data.


 We use this knowledge to create personalized and targeted direct marketing campaigns that reach your ideal audience and maximize the return on your investment.

When automotive dealer customer competes for the same car buyer and sellers in their area of responsibility, the dealer with the greatest scope of information about the customer, the dealer with the most extensive and intimate relationship with that customer, will be the more efficient competitor. 



We identify and analyze the data based on the dealership’s geo location and key attributes. This allows us to maximize resources, increase conversion rates, and create more personalized connections with customers, resulting in higher engagement and better overall campaign results.





Key stats are provided for you in real time as they come in to your CRM from our online and offline channels such as direct mail, social media platforms, display ads, mobile, emails.


  • Leads by Fico Score

  • Phone call Recordings

  • Leads by Date

  • Digital Leads

  • Phone Leads

  • Online Appointments

  • Age and Gender

  • Response Rate And more!

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