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Improved Credit Notice

Pinpoint Targeting

With FCRA-approved agents, we have unparalleled access to true credit data with a platform that unifies diverse datasets in a cookieless environment and proprietary advanced UIDs, for exceptional audience targeting with unmatched ROI!


Proprietary Data Attributes

  • Name, Address, City, State, Zip

  • Email

  • Current Payment

  • New Payment

  • Current Interest Rate

  • Offered Interest Rate

  • Change in Interest Rate

  • Savings on Payment

This is a proprietary credit file list, data-driven direct mail campaign, with or without multi-channels and optional social media, Facebook, display ads, Instagram, and four professional deployed emails all with the same consistent message over two weeks.

.99 Cents Each, Min. 5,000


  • Proprietary Improved Credit Data

  • True Lender Pre-Approved

  • Fully Custom Mail Piece

  • Postage Standard 

  • Personal URL with Variable QR Code

  • Interactive Voice Response

  • Toll-free Number

  • Text Reply System

  • Custom Built Pre-populated Landing Pages


Add Multi Channel Package for .21 Cents 

  • 2 weeks of Facebook Marketing

  • 2 Weeks of Display Ad Marketing

  • 2 Weeks of Instagram Marketing

  • 4 Professionally Deployed Emails over 2 weeks

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