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Improved Credit Notice Campaign: Revolutionizing Auto Dealer Marketing

In today's economy, consumers are actively seeking ways to reduce their monthly expenses due to escalating costs of food, gas, and overall inflation. What if they could save money on their car payments while upgrading to a newer, safer, and more efficient vehicle? Enter the Improved Credit Notice campaign by Disrupt Marketing Group—an innovative solution designed to help car dealers nationwide tap into a high-demand market with unprecedented precision and effectiveness.


Unparalleled Access to True Credit Data


Our FCRA-approved agents grant us unparalleled access to true credit data. This access is harnessed through a state-of-the-art platform that unifies diverse data sets, ensuring privacy and compliance. Using proprietary advanced UIDs (Unique Identifiers), we deliver exceptional audience targeting capabilities backed by a real lender, that yield unmatched ROI for our clients.


Proprietary Data Attributes


The power of the Improved Credit Notice lies in its comprehensive data attributes. These include:


  • Name, Address, City, State, ZIP code, Email

  • Current car payment

  • New estimated car payment

  • Current interest rate

  • Offered interest rate

  • Interest rate change

  • Savings on payment (monthly and annually)


Advanced Audience Targeting


With these proprietary data attributes, our platform ensures that each campaign is laser-focused on individuals who will benefit the most. By leveraging UIDs and AI, we craft custom, compelling content that resonates with the target audience, driving engagement and conversions.


Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy


The Improved Credit Notice campaign begins with a fully custom, data-driven digital mail piece and extends across multiple channel options, including:


  • Professionally deployed emails

  • Two weeks of Facebook ads

  • Custom-built pre-populated landing pages

  • Two weeks of Instagram ads

  • Personal URLs with variable QR codes

  • IVR toll-free numbers

  • Text reply systems


This multi-channel approach ensures maximum reach and impact, engaging potential customers at various touchpoints and increasing the likelihood of conversion.


The Competitive Edge


For years, companies like Credit Karma, Experian, WalletHub, and Capital One have capitalized on targeting consumers with improved credit scores to offer financial services. Now, car dealers can join this trend, utilizing our advanced marketing strategies to connect with consumers ready to save on their car payments and upgrade their vehicles.


Success Stories


Our innovative approach has already garnered success for numerous auto groups, including:


  • Penske Automotive Group

  • Joe Maus Auto Group

  • Woody Folsom Auto Group

  • Cooley Auto Group


These clients have seen substantial returns on their marketing investments, thanks to the precision and effectiveness of the Improved Credit Notice campaign.


Why Choose Improved Credit Notice?


In a time where consumers are more cautious with their spending, offering them a tangible way to save on significant expenses like car payments can be a game-changer. The Improved Credit Notice campaign provides car dealers with the tools and insights needed to tap into this demand, fostering relationships with new customers and driving sales.


By leveraging advanced data analytics, AI-driven insights, and a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy, Disrupt Marketing Group's Improved Credit Notice campaign stands out as a revolutionary solution for auto dealers looking to thrive in today's competitive market.


Join the ranks of our satisfied clients and experience the benefits of targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time. Embrace the future of auto dealer marketing with Improved Credit Notice where precision meets performance.

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