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Streamline Your Inventory Acquisition with Disrupt Marketing Group

In today's post-COVID world, automotive dealerships are facing unprecedented challenges, from microchip shortages to skyrocketing auction prices. Many have turned their focus to buying local inventory, and the most successful dealers have gone a step further by establishing dedicated buying centers. These centers operate with their own budgets and staff, much like the F&I, service, new car sales, parts, and used car departments.


To support this shift, several innovative software companies have emerged, offering portals that help dealers target local sellers more effectively.


However, Disrupt Marketing Group’s Department of Vehicle Acquisitions goes beyond software solutions to provide a comprehensive, data-driven approach to inventory acquisition.


Proven Success with Data-Driven Direct Mail.


The Vehicle Acquisitions Department event has a track record of success, having delivered over 100 million pieces of data-driven direct mail and digital assets to dealerships nationwide. This approach has proven to be a game-changer, enabling dealers to bypass expensive auctions and avoid competing with thousands of other dealerships for online vehicle listings.


A Versatile and Flexible Solution


Disrupt Marketing Group’s exclusive Department of Vehicle Acquisitions is designed to bring both car buyers and sellers directly to your dealership. We leverage a versatile array of data sources to target the right individuals, whether it’s your existing customers, specific demographic groups, credit score ranges, or certain makes and models. Tell us what vehicles you need to sell or buy, and we’ll bring the right customers to your lot.


Drive Traffic to Your Lot


Less than 3% of people buy their vehicles entirely online. Most customers still prefer to visit a dealership in person, especially when given a compelling reason to do so. Our targeted event is designed to do just that, ensuring a steady flow of potential buyers and sellers to your lot.


Partner with Us Today


At Disrupt Marketing Group, we understand the unique challenges facing automotive dealerships today. Our Vehicle Acquisitions department is ready to help you streamline your inventory acquisition process, increase your local market share, and drive more traffic to your dealership.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your dealership’s growth and success. You’ll be glad you did.

Great sellin,

Todd Vowell



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