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#1 BK Campaign!

Dealers getting 5-8% consistently.


The ultimate subprime, data-driven marketing solution for car dealerships targeting individuals with discharged Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies.

Our innovative BK Mailer revolutionizes the automotive industry by connecting dealerships with a highly motivated, credit-ready customer base eager to rebuild their financial lives post-bankruptcy.

Using advanced data analytics and segmentation strategies, we precisely identify and engage these prime candidates for auto financing. Our mailer ensures your marketing efforts are not only targeted but also highly effective, reaching customers actively seeking new credit and vehicle purchases.

This Card BK Mailer is more than just a marketing piece—it's a powerful tool designed to generate leads and drive sales. Our expertly crafted message speaks directly to this unique audience, highlighting the benefits of purchasing a vehicle from your dealership and the streamlined, stress-free process we offer.

The Card itself is designed to impress, being the size and weight of an actual credit card. Each card is personalized with triple-line variable customization for each customer, enhancing the personal touch and engagement.

Act now to utilize this targeted, results-driven solution. Ensure your dealership reaches the right customers at the right time, making a real impact. Contact us today to learn how this BK Mailer with Card can help your dealership succeed.

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