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Press Release: Disrupt Marketing Group Launches Personalized Embossed Card Mailers for the Automotive Industry!

Dallas, TX — Disrupt Marketing Group proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary personalized embossed card mailers, tailored specifically for the automotive industry. These innovative mailers utilize data-driven strategies to deliver highly customized experiences, significantly enhancing a wide array of marketing efforts.


Our embossed card mailers are designed to improve the effectiveness of various automotive marketing campaigns, including:

·  Bankruptcy Campaigns: Engage customers with recent Chapter 7&13 discharges

to help them rebuild credit and secure a newer vehicle.

·       Customer Loyalty: Strengthen customer relationships, improve retention rates.

·       Year, Make, and Model: Deliver precise and relevant deals to customers.

·       Credit Improvement Notices: Inform customers with improved credit.

·       Lease and Loan Termination: Target 1-9 months remaining.

·       Credit Score Range Notifications: Offer pre-qualified auto loans


To maximize campaign impact, Disrupt Marketing Group offers a comprehensive suite of options and enhancements, including:


·       Social Media and Display Ads

·       PURLs (Personalized URLs)

·       Personalized QR Codes

·       Professional Deployed Emails

·       SMS and Mobile Marketing

·       Call Tracking

·       Data-Driven IVR Systems


Moreover, we provide access to the best data lists available, including:


·       BK Data 7&13 Discharged

·       Geo/Demographic Data

·       FCRA Compliant Proprietary Credit Files Data

·       Automotive Year, Make, and Model Data (with or without KBB or Black Book values appended)


To ensure our clients achieve the best ROI, we also offer comprehensive training and best practices, covering everything from strategy development to phone scripts.


“Disrupt Marketing Group is committed to addressing the unique challenges of the automotive industry with innovative solutions,” said Todd Vowell, owner of Disrupt Marketing Group. “Our personalized embossed card mailers, combined with our extensive suite of marketing tools and premium data lists, provide a powerful platform for driving customer engagement and achieving outstanding results.”


For more information about Disrupt Marketing Group's exclusive personalized embossed card mailers and our full range of marketing services, please visit


About Disrupt Marketing Group:

Disrupt Marketing Group is a leading provider of innovative, data-driven marketing solutions tailored to the automotive industry. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to enhance customer engagement, drive sales, and deliver measurable results for our clients.


Todd Vowell


 Disrupt Marketing Group




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